About Us

Established in 1972, Pancom Produce Pte Ltd has emerged as one of the leading fresh produce suppliers in Singapore. The company set out with one supreme objective in mind – to source and distribute premium fruits and vegetables produce from the best international growers and cater to all major supermarkets and wholesalers in Singapore.

With over forty years of operation and vast experience in the fresh produce industy, Pancom Produce Pte Ltd has established itself as a robust company that delivers the finest quality fresh produce. Along with great innovations and steadfast commitments to meet the ever changing industry, Pancom stays committed to ensure all products are “Naturally Fresh & Clean”.

Today, Pancom holds a respectable reputation in the fresh produce industry and have garnered strong realtionships with a worldwide network of renowned growers and exporters to ensure a wide selection of fresh produce supplies.

Pancom Produce Pte Ltd has grown in leaps and bounds over the past years and has ready plans to expands its current operations for the future. Whether you are a grower, an exporter or looking for an innovative fresh supplier, Pancom Produce Pte Ltd is keen to cultivate a dynamic partnership with you to fulfil this exciting vision!

Our Beliefs

With limited natural resources and land scarcity, Pancom Produce’s mission is to stabilize the supply & price of fresh produce in Singapore, through sourcing and distributing top quality produce from the best international growers, ensuring all year round supply of fresh produce that meets safety and health standards.



To address the future trends and demands for fresh produce in Singapore, Pancom Produce aims to be at the forefront of the fresh produce industry, harnessing innovative technologies and processes to transport and store fresh produce from overseas imports, reducing wastage and ensuring sustainable fresh produce supply for the local community.

为了应对新加坡蔬果行业的未来发展趋势与不断变化的需求,汎业私人有限公司立志成为本地蔬果行业的最前锋, 利用创新的技术,从海外进口,运输与储存新鲜蔬果产品,确保可持续的新鲜蔬果供应。