Quality Assurance

Hygiene and quality control are of paramount importance to ensure fresher and higher quality fruits and vegetables. At Pancom Produce Pte Ltd, we strive to add value at every stages of our cold chain management.
对于汎业私人有限公司, 卫生和质量控制是极为重要,才能保证新鲜,更高品质的蔬菜和水果。在每一个冷链物流管理的阶段,从采购,运输到冷库储存,汎业私人有限公司都确保万无一失,为本地客户提供优质的新鲜和安全食用的蔬果
Oasis Truck Transportation


To ensure the fruits and vegetables remain fresh during the transportation process from the ports to the warehouse, the fleets of transport vehicles are fitted with temperature control systems. The transport vehicles are also kept at optimum cleanliness to ensure adherence to the hygiene and food safety guidelines set out by the AVA Singapore.


The cool storage facilities are equipped with a temperature and climate condition to ensure the fresh produce are kept at its optimum freshness. The lightings, temperature and the humidity level of each cool storage rooms are also monitored on a timely basis so as to lengthen the shelf life of the fresh produce.

Quality Inspection

All fresh produce that are received undergoes a stringent inspection to ensure that it meets the quality specifications set out by AVA Singapore. The quality inspection covers the following specifications:

  • Appearance (Signs of rotting or discoloration)
  • Physical defects
  • Maturity level
  • Firmness of fresh produce

  • 蔬果的外观 (是否有腐烂与退色的迹象)
  • 蔬果的缺陷
  • 蔬果的成熟等级
  • 蔬果的坚固性